Day 9: Traveling to Inverness

Today was our final morning at the University of Stirling until our 4 am wakeup call for the airport next Saturday. After a quick breakfast and some last minute packing, Mr. McGhee picked us up in his fancy Mercedes. Before departing Stirling, we stopped at a local gem called Stephen’s where mince pies, pastries, and fresh rolls were plentiful. Then, it was onwards to Inverness!


—-many naps occurred during this time period—

We were really hoping to see some (fuzzy) highland cows, but instead we sipped on some local whisky at the Dalwhinnie Distillery and purchased a few souvenirs for our families back at home. After the distillery, we continued our journey to Inverness where we had dinner at a local eatery called The Fluke which, strangely, offered a largely American based menu. After a long day of traveling, we sluggishly unpacked our luggage & are currently hoping to catch a few Z’s soon!



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