Day 10:Exploring War History

Today the 7 of us spent the first portion of the day in Raigmore Hospital in Inverness listening to several guest speakers talk about their professions. We heard about district nursing in the highlands and how it is different from Stirling due to the rural aspect of the area. Another interesting thing we heard about that is very different from nursing in America is community health midwifery! The guest speaker talked to us about different ways and settings women can give birth in.

After taking a quick tour of the hospital and student area, we traveled to Fort George. The group of us wandered around the fort on our own learning about Scottish history in regards to wartime. From there we went towards the battlegrounds in which the last attempt for Scottish independence what fought. The landscape was very beautiful and we took a lot of good pictures!


For dinner Mr. McGhee took us to a place called Pizza Express, which was delicious! It was nothing like most of the pizza places us college students are used to (AKA Pizza Hut, Dominos, etc.).


We cannot wait for our first community placement clinical tomorrow!



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