Day 12: More Community Nursing & Urquhart Castle

Another day, another community health rotation here in Inverness, Scotland. Our placements today shifted from yesterday’s, so we each got a new taste of community nursing here in Scotland. After our clinical day we went straight to Urquhart Castle located on Loch Ness. Urquhart Castle played a major role in the Wars of Scottish Independence  due to it’s perfect location of overseeing Loch Ness. At the castle we were able to buy “Nessie” souvenirs for our folks back home to enjoy. After our adventure we relaxed at a restaurant called “Beefeaters” where the waitress was nice enough to make us some “American Iced Tea” (“iced” tea is unheard of in the UK). After dinner we decided to go back to our flat and end our day a little early in order to complete the ample amount of homework and blogging we all need to catch up on. IMG_2503IMG_2529IMG_2467


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