Day 13: Last Clinical and Fairy Glen

Today was sadly our last clinical rotation here in Inverness. Through our community rotations here in Scotland we’ve gathered a much stronger grasp about NHS Scotland & the national shifting the balance of care (from acute hospital settings to community care) initiative. It’s such a comprehensive, cohesive, patient centered system unlike anything we have in the US. We are so grateful to have experienced this clinical and cultural opportunity here in Scotland.

Just like every other day, after clinicals we went to explore some more of the country. Today we took a journey to Fairy Glen in Rosemarkie, a natural gem of the Highlands. We stopped at the car park and followed a 2 km footpath through the woods & up a creek to reach a handful of waterfalls at the end of the path. When we reached the falls, there was a fallen tree limb in the pool where hundreds of visitors before us had left monetary offerings to the fairies in forms of pounds and pence. After a few photographs and leaving an offering ourselves we headed back to the car park to start the next leg of our daily adventure. Next stop: The Friary. The Friary is a restaurant in a quaint town that serves coffee, fish & chips, & ice cream, but the real hidden treasure is the weekly band of performers that come to the car park. We witnessed a band of adults & children playing the bag pipes and a young girls performing traditional dances. It was a really enjoyable, cultural experience.

Our night was still not over yet! We then made the trip to downtown Inverness where we walked around the city & arrived at Hootananny’s, a local pub with live music. Image-4Image-2Image-1Image-3


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