Day 14: A Long Drive Back to Stirling

Today, we finished our last day in Inverness. After a little bit of breakfast, we headed off to the Health Science Center for one last presentation (and a whole bunch of snacks). The presenter discussed with us the growing dementia epidemic in Scotland and how we could be “Dementia Smart” in our own practices. Overall, she was very informative and gave us a lot of quality information that’s applicable to our role as future nurses in an aging population.

Fully stocked up on snacks, we hit the road for one last time! While most of us took this opportunity for a nice three hour nap, a few stayed awake to enjoy the countryside scenery.IMG_0446IMG_0449

A few hours in we stopped in St. Andrews to visit the golf courses and pro shop there. After a half an hour of shopping and waiting for players to play through the iconic bridge hole, we finally got one last group picture.


An hour later, we finally arrived back at Stirling & patiently waited for some delicious food before calling it an early night. This is us signing off for the last time as we have to be up and ready for the airport at 4:30 am! We’ve enjoyed our experiences here & wouldn’t trade them for anything! Go Bulls!




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